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Hire a recording engineer in the Binghamton, NY area

Need Help Recording and Mixing Your Next Track?

Hire a trusted recording engineer in Binghamton, NY

Are you an emerging musician? If so, you need to get your music out there. MixedIt LLC can help with that. Our owner is an experienced recording engineer with a state-of-the-art recording studio in Binghamton, NY.

You can come to our space for professional recording and mixing. Our team offers a mixtape promotion package to get your mixtape out there and fully ready for its drop. Along with our recording studio space for rent, we have areas that are great for uninterrupted composing, photo shoots and more.

Book a recording booth today by following the link. You can also call us at 607-651-0837.

Do You Have Access to High-Quality Recording Equipment?

Find it at our recording studio in Binghamton, NY

Make the right call with our recording studio

If you need a recording engineer and a recording studio in Binghamton, NY, look no further. You'll love working in our studio with our team. You'll want to book a time to record with us today because we're:

Comprehensive-our recording studio is a one-stop-shop, so you can get all your writing, recording and promotional work done here.
Professional-we're here to record your next track or tracks, we're not just a place to hang out. We're committed to the craft of recording.
Experts-though we specialize in hip hop, rap and trap, we can mix anything and everything, from rock and gospel to country and jazz.